ASE 100. The study programs adventure

ASE 100. The study programs adventure

Autors: Ion Gh. Rosca

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-649-7

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This paper presents the evolution of the structure and content of educational process in a hundred years of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies existance. The author highlights the stages and the conditions in which the changes were made in the structure of education, which in his opinion sometimes were arbitrary.
First stage between the years 1913-1947, when the institution was named the Academy of Higher Commercial and Industrial Studies, was an imposing one and settlement of the university teaching system. Typical for this period are the courses and conferences. Political development Romania after 1948 influence the content of educational programs, the departments of the old academy are disbanded and appear the first faculties. But, at this stage is observed lack of continuity of the new structures, changes are numerous, being imposed by the policy of Communist Party. The opening after 1967, when the institution changes its name in the Academy of Economic Studies, name which kept today, is beneficial when education begins to reconsolidate and practical training of students gains a better share and an organization.

After 1989, from study programs are eliminated Marxism and scientific socialism and the content is adapted to similar study programs from education of capitalist states.
Concerning the development of these programs, the author considers their history an "adventure”. Thus, for the first time a paper dedicated exclusively to this domain is offered to those who are interested.

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