Academic Writing Guide

Academic Writing Guide

Autors: Stefan Gabriel Burcea (coordonator), Sofia Elena Colesca, Mihaela Pacesila, Ana Madalina Potcovaru, Roxana Briscariu, Catalin Pirvu

Year of appearance: 2017

ISBN: 978-606-34-0206-7

Size: A5

Pages: 120

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The intensification of the preoccupations regarding the research ethics and academic writting process at all the three university cycles (bachelor, master and doctorate) constitute the essential reason for publishing Academic Writing Guide. The paper analyse the main "anchors" that allow a young researcher to present in a coherent, attractive and argumentative form the results of his own research in the administrative sciences and sociology topics. Thought and written like a practical guide, the book alternating theoretical aspects with specific examples, the final goal being to increase the degree of understanding the basic rules of writing an academic text.

The abundance of explanatory sequence and the multitude of examples provided, in the content of the paper or in the appendices, mediate the fulfillment of the essential purpose of the guide, to develop in practical terms the adequate skills for writting effectively, to argue logically opinions, to issue and transmit coherently ideas, to cite and paraphrase correctly the bibliographic sources consulted and, finally, to avoid plagiarism writing academic papers. The paper is published within the project "Academic Writing for research in the fields of Human Resources and Public Administration - AWRUAP", implemented at the Faculty of Administration and Public Management and funded by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research.

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