Accounting /Volume I

Accounting /Volume I

Autors: Minu Mihaela

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-204-8 /978-606-505-238-3

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The paper presents the fundamentals of accounting from a theoretical and practical perspective, in order to open those studying accounting and its mysteries.
Through the themes discussed, the paper addresses to students – at an economic profile – who begin to study accounting, answering, on the one hand, the theme of the analitical programme, and on the other hand, provide useful information for study of other disciplines such as economics, finance, financial analysis, information systems, management. The volume helps those interested in accounting, whether as producers account information, or as advised users of accounting information (financial analysts, lawyers, internal auditors, managers, ...), offering an Accounting overview and warn of the limits and relativity of accounting truth.

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