Financial-Economic Analysis I. Specification of works applied

Financial-Economic Analysis I. Specification of works applied

Autors: Elena Claudia Serban, Raluca Florentina Cretu, Cristina Stefania Curea

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-135-5, 978-606-505-130-0

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Application works contained in the first volume are structured in four chapters.
In the first chapter are listed the categories of economic and financial indicators, economic fundamentals of these correlations, statistical methods, modeling techniques, methods rates, scores and deviations in economic and financial analysis.
Among application of the second chapter, we like to remember values indicators and correlations of equilibrium between them, the turnover - meaning, relationship calculation, identification in financial statements, analysis of the dynamics, structure, turnover, and its analysis method deviations, the value added, its first calculation through structural analysis method  and additive method, and also deviations method, the consequences of changing the turnover and value added on the main economic and financial performance of the enterprise, indicating the production of natural, manufactured goods production, production, etc. 
The third chapter includes requirements of financial reporting standards on the structure of the profit and loss calculation and analysis of enterprise management intermediate balances, analysis of rates of return.
The volume ends with the presentation of financial statements of the company.

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