Advanced Managerial Accounting

Advanced Managerial Accounting

Autors: Florinel Marian Sgardea, Anca Tutu, Cleopatra Sendroiu, Mihai Vuta, Elena Monica Sabau

Year of appearance: 2011

ISBN: 978-606-505-507-0

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Advanced Managerial Accounting book is a tool that supports students from the Faculty of Economics in Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest in their efforts to enrich knowledge with new methods and procedures for calculation, analysis, interpretation and use of information on costs, outcomes and performance measurement under an activity based on economic efficiency criteria. Also, it provides practitioners, controllers or managers of business management, information particularly useful in decision-making power or making strategic decisions. Strategic Managerial Accounting can play a significant role in understanding the market structure in terms of cost and utility values for the client.

The paper is structured into nine chapters, dealing with basic problems, such as the conceptual framework of managerial accounting, managerial accounting elements and tools for strategically rational imputation method and the method of cost centers, calculation methods and techniques for forecasting, budgeting and analysis of production costs-cost method Standard, method Target-Costing, Direct-costing method, modern methods of assessment of investment projects, design and monitor a business plan. Tools, techniques, processes and managerial accounting methods are discussed both in theory and in practical terms, in providing relevant examples and applications of local economic environment and given the characteristics and its evolution in the current financial and economic crisis.

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