Advanced Microeconomics.Economy of  Information

Advanced Microeconomics.Economy of Information

Autors: Daniela Marinescu, Dumitru Marin

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-174-4

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The book begins with an introduction to the chapter ”Elections in conditions of riskand uncertainty”, where are treated, among others, economic agents attitude towards risk, and influence insurance demand an economic income tax on savings. The next chapter presents the general equilibrium theory, contracts with synthetic information, optimal payment mechanism and the optimal level of effort. Third chapter analyzes the choice between two levels of agent effort, including the fourth chapter, along with other models and complete a geometric illustration of the problem of moral hazard. The last chapter contains models of adverse selection (anti-selection).
The manual includes issues, definitions, theorems, figures, and each chapter concludes with a section of  applications.

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