Advanced quantitative macroeconomics. Theoretic breviary and applications

Advanced quantitative macroeconomics. Theoretic breviary and applications

Autors: Stelian Stancu, Alexandra Maria Constantin

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-675-6

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This bookis designed to support any and all who wish to further their practical and theoretical knowledge regarding the science of macroeconomy.
Structured in 4 parts, the current paper spans 9 chapters, each other being separated into 3 sub-chapters: Theoretic breviary, Solved Applications and Suggested Applications. The theoretical breviary is a summary of the theoretical aspects presented in the paper Advanced Macroeconomics. Theory and applications, author Stancu, S., appeared at the ASE Publishing House in 2012. This explanatory note is necessary as, in order to solve some applications, but also for a more detailed understanding of the content of macroeconomics, the lecturing of the aforementioned paper is required. The solved applications were developed to help explain macroeconomic mechanisms and, at the same time, to further the knowledge of notions and phenomenons in macroeconomic components' behavior. Lastly, the proposed applications were created to help set the knowledge gained. It is also worth mentioning that the chapter separation respected the structure of the aforementioned paper.

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