Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Autors: Mariana Dragusin, Mirela Octavia Sirbu, Raluca Mariana Grosu, Alina-Elena Iosif

Year of appearance: 2019

ISBN: 978-606-34-0297-5

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 314

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The “Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice” book proposes an incursion into the dynamic and complex universe of entrepreneurship, dominated by both uncertainties and extraordinary opportunities. The book is addressing a wide audience, which can include various age and socio-professional categories, ranging from young people to seniors, from students to teachers, from emerging entrepreneurs to employees motivated by the idea to develop ​​their own business in the future etc., generally to all those who strive for a better understanding of entrepreneurship’s related challenges and rewards.

Structured into four parts, in an approach from general to particular, the paper presents to the reader, in a logical succession, the essential steps from idea – to entrepreneurial opportunity – to a business plan – its implementation – strategies for business development, after familiarizing him with basic entrepreneurship concepts (Part I). The titles and content of the 10 circumscribed chapters were designed to cover all major themes in the field and to reflect the reader centered approach, in order to meet his anticipated expectations and utility.

Through its high quality and well documented content, characterized by novelty and modernity, written in an accessible style and closely intertwining the theoretical and practical aspects, the book has the potential to provide the reader with a transformative learning experience. This might be able to stimulate his desire to experiment with new ideas, in a positive and constructive manner, and exploit his potential, by taking into consideration the entrepreneurial option too. The book contains useful exercises, text boxes with numerous representative examples, including good practices too, recommendations, suggestions regarding complementary informational resources, etc. This can not only contribute to enriching the education level in the field, but also to developing and improving entrepreneurial skills and attitudes, valuable and valued both as an employee or as an employer / entrepreneur.

The work completes the still modest offer, though so necessary, of Romanian scientific literature about the entrepreneurial phenomenon.

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