Applied Research in Administrative Sciences (ARAS)

Applied Research in Administrative Sciences (ARAS)

ISSN: ISSN: 2734-5602 ISSN-L: 2734-5602

three times in a year

Applied Research in Administrative Sciences (ARAS) is an international, interdisciplinary open access journal within Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

ARAS was established in August 2020 and publishes original research, book reviews, case studies in the field of public administration as well as in related fields.

The journal is in electronic format, without publication fee. 

ARAS is a peer-reviewed and a three-yearly professional journal providing theoretically and empirically informed analysis which cover a wide range of themes and perspectives:

  • public administration
  • public management
  • public policy
  • public affairs
  • business
  • strategic management
  • quality management
  • production management
  • human resources management
  • project management
  • urban management
  • information management
  • any other topic relevant to the above fields

ARAS serves a global audience including academic, researchers, practitioners, undergraduate and postgraduate students and the public at large, especially those interested in public administration and affiliated fields.