Applied linguistics, a strategy for knowledge development

Applied linguistics, a strategy for knowledge development

Autors: Violeta Negrea

Year of appearance: 2017

ISBN: 978-606-34-0167-1

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The book Applied linguistics, a strategy for knowledge development, written by the Associate Professor Violeta Negrea, advocates applied linguistics as a key domain of research and knowledge development of the 21st century. The two directions of the book – the scientific relevance in the first part, and the investigation methods and instruments in the second part – aim the openness and interest of language teachers, linguists, learners, and curriculum developers.

The project guides the reader to the main directions and mechanisms of integrating the applied language education to the professional competences of the academic learners – information accessibility, and intercultural communication – in terms of curriculum, socio-cultural theories, teaching and terminology development and standardization. The presentation of investigation methods and instruments is an invitation for the specialists to involve in applied linguistics research projects to raise their international visibility.

The book points to the re-consideration of the academic status of the applied linguistics in our country that can contribute to the transition of the material value economy to the knowledge and innovation economy through a pragmatic and functional approach.


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