Applying concepts relating corporate governance to entities from Romania

Applying concepts relating corporate governance to entities from Romania

Autors: Adrian Doru Bigioi

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-505-878-1

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 Based on previous ideas, which presents conflict theory uniqueness of power and the theory of separation powers, the paper addresses the issues related to applying concepts on corporate governance to entities from Romania. To achieve this objective research, in this book are examined international principles on corporate governance in the light of national rules. Thus, among the topics under the research mention: issuance of a corporate governance code, guaranteeing the rights of shareholders, convening general meetings, validity of the deliberations of the extraordinary general meetings, appointment of administrators, duties of board members, monist administration system, dual administration system, Board of Supervisors, directorate, independence of administrators, consultative committees, executive management, remuneration of the management members, dissemination of information, conflicts of interest, social responsibility. Also, to test validity these concepts into practice, were developed different studies on application on corporate governance principles by entities in Romania, whose results are presented in this paper.


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