Artificial Neural Networks. Theory and economic applications

Artificial Neural Networks. Theory and economic applications

Autors: Stelian Stancu, Alexandra Maria Constantin

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-787-6

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New field of science, neuronal calculation first developed in the technical sphere, have recently been involved in some applications in the economic sphere, and not because of lack of need or quality results, but because of the novelty, daily steps being taken for the successful application of this science in the economic sphere. We can say, without lack of modesty, that the application of neural computation in economics brings important progress, being considered a true queen of sciences.

 This paper is designed to support all those who want to know more or less analytical matters on micro and macro economic science, from the perspective of neural calculation.

In this context, the material is divided into twelve chapters. The solved applications were developed to help explain fundamental concepts of neural networks, to further the knowledge of their application in economic modeling and other fields. Lastly, the proposed applications were created to help set the knowledge gained.

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