Basic Econometrics for Business Administration

Basic Econometrics for Business Administration

Autors: Constantin Mitrut, Daniela Serban

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-606-505-006-8

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Manual aims to integrate the clasic econometric theory in the economic and business curricula specify the faculty of Business Administration (with teaching in English). Specifically, the book tries to gradually present econometric methods and techniques used worldwide in management and economics and, in particular, in business administration. Author's intention was to review the modern quantitative econometric methods, to fold them on the curriculum of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and the Bologna regulations, adapting them to practical situation of a company's management.
The work consists of seven chapters, teach students how to recognize a decision situation in business, how to identify suitable econometric technique to solve the problem, how to perform the tests required for validation of regression coefficients and econometric models, and finally, how to interpret the results.
Designed as an introduction to applied econometrics, in business administration-management, the handbook is an expression of the desire of authors to help students, "their business partners", to become well-trained professional economists, not only theoretical but also practical.

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