Basketball course for the first and second years students

Basketball course for the first and second years students

Autors: Gheorghe Jinga

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-801-9

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            The current basketball course is addressed to all university professors who teach and coach university basketball, to all students, by using the basic rules and guiding, students who can build on their skills by using individual practice.

Sport classes themes target both physical training as well as the tactical one in learning, strengthening and perfecting technical procedures and tactics. The methods used are: the training process are structured considering the organization and exercising as well as for achieving different objectives.

 Exercise structures that are utilized in fulfilling objectives according to different training components are rational exercising structures through which the training level increases in performance.

  In every algorithm component, exercises show the potential in complexity increase, this progress being coordinated in order to reach the intended purpose – rightful learning and efficient use of attack and defense tactics and also of individual and collective tactics. 

  By using the rulebook and the exercise structures, basketball will be able to be taught both during the physical education classes and after university graduation, its main aim being that young graduates, different specialists in different areas, to remain with the skill of practicing a form of physical exercising which can compensate the stress of daily life.    

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