Databases: Microsoft ACCESS

Databases: Microsoft ACCESS

Autors: Gabriel Cozgarea

Year of appearance: 2018

ISBN: 978-606-34-0273-9

Size: 17/24 cm

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The field of databases is a vast one, both due to the different ways of designing them, and due to the implications they have on IT applications.

The paper is structured in four chapters covering, both theoretical and practical, aspects related to databases and database management systems, basic concepts of relational model, relational databases normalization, and Microsoft Access database management system. In the last chapter, are presented, with examples, Microsoft objects and features used in application development: table objects, data query using both system interface and SQL language, form objects, reports, data and standard macros, as well as module objects, used for writing procedures and functions in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) language.

The book is intended mainly for students from the faculties of the Academy of Economic Studies, but also for specialists who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of databases.

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