Business Ethics: rationality, reciprocity, responsibility

Business Ethics: rationality, reciprocity, responsibility

Autors: Vasile Morar

Year of appearance: 2006

ISBN: 973-594-731-5

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The book begins with the analysis for terminology of words "ethics" and "morality ", and detailed presentation of the differences between these two terms – one from Greek and the other from Latin – and the characteristics and the concepts they represent.
Review of disciplines that have more or less connection with ethics, its historical evolution, by means of cultures of different countries, leads to the definition and application of moral and ethical principles in trade and in defining social types.
The last chapter describes business ethics field, showing that it is part of a third type of ethics, which is not a type of traditional religious morality or moral secular modern, rigorous and categorical, but one in which subjective rights were won priority, but without leaving place for anarchy.

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