Business Intelligence Technology

Business Intelligence Technology

Autors: Manole Velicanu, Gheorghe Matei

Year of appearance: 2010

ISBN: 978-606-505-311-3

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The topics dealt with in this book are part of a definitely present-day field of information technology. The purpose of this book is to present the Business Intelligence (BI) technology and the information systems built on its base, systems that ensure an uniform and consistent storing of all the organization’s data, turning data into information and knowledge, and finally using them efficiently in the decision making process.
The book presents some theoretical and methodological aspects for the development of BI systems. Among the technologies used in such systems, the book treats at length the data warehouse technology, as well as the technologies on Oracle platform used to manage large volumes of data. Taking into consideration the authors’ experience in using such technologies, the book proposes a system for the multidimensional analysis of profitability in a banking company. Providing the facility to identify company’s strengths and weaknesses, the system helps to improve the decision making and to establish the right future actions.
The book is addressed to students, MS and PhD candidates, as well as to specialists in economy who are interested in improving the decision making process, a fast adaptation of the organization to the market requirements and gaining competitive advantages against competitors.

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