Business Law. Lecture notes

Business Law. Lecture notes

Autors: Ovidiu Ioan Dumitru, Andreea Stoican

Year of appearance: 2019

ISBN: 978-606-34-0300-2

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 290

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This book study aims in offering the students from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies studying in English and other professionals from Romanian market working in business activity with a large use of English, the first step in knowledge regarding the concept and evolution of law, together with a perspective of the legal system not only limited to the Romanian legislation, but also in comparison with other continental or common-law systems.

The approach used in presenting the main legal institutions and an introduction in the business law is treated not only theoretically, but as much as possible, from a practical point of view, using examples and cases, the goal of the lecture notes being that of understanding the liaison between reality and the normative acts, as they permanently need to be adapted to the social needs and the fast constant development of the business environment. 

The current book targets not only students in economics or business studies, as they must understand the main legal duties they will have in the future performance of their profession, but also law students, for the development of their English legal vocabulary (so widely used in the business environment) and a more wide understanding of the commercial demands and the dynamic of the markets, together with the consequences and liabilities of the business world, as a very complex and interdisciplinary field regarding the legal aspects.


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