Civilization, culture, management

Civilization, culture, management

Autors: Amedeo Istocescu

Year of appearance: 2012

ISBN: 978-606-505-519-3

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The present university course is meant to point out the extensive subject of culture comparability as well as that of the international comparative management. It consists of three parts and thirteen chapters.

Part I focuses on the identification of cultural features, on the presentation of theoretical concepts and on the methodological background of the international comparative management.

Part II presents the cultural–historical and socio-economic characteristics, the management  specificities of economic and geographic regions or countries that have shaped, shape and will keep on shaping the worldwide economic and social development, due to their own economic power or due to forces produced by political systems or by various religious beliefs. The nine chapters of Part II are as follows: European Union; Japan; United States of America; Canada; China; the Islamic countries; Latin America; Israel and the Jewish world; New Zealand.

Part III is the applied part of the course, presenting in two chapters various cultural-managerial comparisons, influences of the culture and management of other regions and countries on the organization management in Romania, as well as a practical guide for international transfer of management knowledge.

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