Collaborative systems metrics

Collaborative systems metrics

Autors: Cristian Ciurea

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-34-0021-6

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The objective of the book is to develop metrics for collaborative systems evaluation, obtained in the research process.

The work leads to an original approach to the construction of collaborative systems metrics. The approach is based both on research already conducted by the author, on the experimental results obtained, and the foundation taken from the specific literature.

The experience accumulated by implementing the CMS application shows that collaborative systems provide an environment in which people better cooperate, realize joint activities, share information and have an interactive work manner.


Treating economic phenomena using collaborative systems lead to increasing the efficiency within the organizations, irrespective of architectures defined. Developing collaborative systems determine the increase of their complexity and the global character of the economy is meant to impart a general character for collaborative systems developed.

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