Communication 4.0. Communication treaty in international affairs

Communication 4.0. Communication treaty in international affairs

Autors: Roxana Elisabeta Marinescu, Mariana Nicolae, Anca Teodora Șerban-Oprescu

Year of appearance: 2019

ISBN: 978-606-34-0306-4

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 574

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This book is written by a group of authors of the Department of Modern Languages ​​and Business Communication of the Faculty of International Business and Economics of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. The authors are applied linguists specializing in professional communication, who speak various modern languages ​​to communicate both academically and to teach our students the various languages ​​of the globalized world of today.

That the authors wrote the book in Romanian is noteworthy because the lingua franca of  today’s business, politics, finance and commerce, but also of international academic communication is English. It is clearly observable that Romanian is less and less used for professional purposes and is replaced by English or, at best, by an annoying Romglish which assumes from the very beginning that everyone understands English, which is not true, and that (and this is indeed sadder) Romanian does not have the capability to express reality as well, correctly or even faithfully!

This book intends to prove not only that we can discuss issues related to cutting edge fields of economic and social development, but also that it is our moral and professional duty to discuss these issues in Romanian, thus keeping our language connected to the professional conversations that take place in the world today.

In this work the term communication 4.0 is used to emphasize the similarity with the term industry 4.0, which leads us to the sphere of the digitization of industrial processes, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud technology, artificial intelligence. (AI), machine learning, interconnectivity, real-time data use, etc., all these realities being discussed in a new type of professional communication that we called communication 4.0! As a result, the use of this term refers to the type of human communication that quickly adapts to the needs and constraints, sometimes, of the industrialized world 4.0, to good communication practices that are preserved, even under the pressure of digitization, to the elements of politeness and ethics in today's communication, which have not disappeared, on the contrary, they have acquired new values ​​and, in their best forms, can lead to a more transparent and, therefore, better world. 

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