Communication skills in negotiation

Communication skills in negotiation

Autors: Ruxandra Constantinescu-Stefanel

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-224-6

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The book offers to young people who, by their profession, find themselves engaged in cross-cultural negotiations, basic theoretical and practical knowledge meant to help them perform their mission successfully. Its public consists both of business trained people and of those who, in spite of a different training, work in companies engaged in international transactions.

This paper provides a theoretical, practical and well documented basis on the domain, principles, types, language, phase and techniques of negotiation. Also presented models of negotiating from different cultures, styles and patterns as intercultural and international negotiation.  

Portraits of négociateurs chapter describes the types of negotiable depending on their nationality and still shows female entrepreneurs in different geographical areas. The next chapter deals with issues Label business, and referring to it in different countries.  

The book ends with a chapter of applications and one of the simulations, including specific, interesting and different cases.

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