Computer Networks

Computer Networks

Autors: Razvan Daniel Zota

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-798-2

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Nowadays, computer networks are ubiquitous, no matter the area or place in which we find ourselves. The Internet has become in the recent years an almost indispensable resource for any family, like it is electricity or gas.

 The Computer Networks book, structured in seven chapters, is presenting the fundamental concepts that are necessary for understanding the architecture of the computer networks, broadening the perspectives of a more efficient use of the networking resources. The approach of the computer networks' topics is made in a systematic manner by the top-down model that follows the TCP/IP reference model, starting with the application level and finishing with the network access level.

  By its structure and content, the book is highly approachable, being addressed to all those who want to start studying the field of the computer networks. Whether is about students, managers, administrators or technicians, all of them may benefit from reading this book. Even regular users who want to understand in more detail the inner workings of the computer networks will find this book very interesting. 

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