Computer solutions for managing power consumption in smart grid networks

Computer solutions for managing power consumption in smart grid networks

Autors: Simona Vasilica Oprea

Year of appearance: 2018

ISBN: 978-606-34-0246-3

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In the current context of technology evolution and sustainable development, decisions support in managing electricity consumption through informatics solutions has become increasingly necessary.

On the one hand, as a result of the implementation of the concept of smart grids, respectively smart metering systems and the recent development of sensors and communications, electricity consumers are involved in optimizing consumption and are becoming more and more active.

On the other hand, grid operators are interested in reducing losses and minimizing the consumption peak in order to avoid or at least postpone onerous investments in the reinforcement of power grids, and suppliers are interested in making competitive offers on the electricity market based on consumption forecasts with high accuracy, as well as setting appropriate advanced tariff schemes based on the consumer profiles.

In this respect, the motivation of research and the necessity of developing informatics solutions for the optimization of the electricity consumption are obvious.

The main objective of this book consists in designing and implementation of the informatics solutions to assist suppliers and consumers in deciding on the management of electricity consumption by modelling consumer appliances in order to optimize, forecast and achieve consumer profiles.

This objective has been accomplished through the following steps: analysis of decision-making and decision support systems, study of smart grids, identification of methods applied in electricity consumption management, proposal of computer prototype architecture, organization and processing of data, development of electricity consumption optimization, profiles and consumption forecasts models and implementation of prototype presentation level.

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