Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Autors: Florentina Camelia Stoica

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-505-821-7

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 In elaborating this book, the legislation adopted by September 2014 was taken into consideration. The Corporate Law Course is aimed not only to economist students, but for people in general and its goal is to contribute to the economic and legal thinking in the field of corporate law. To achieve this objective, the approach of corporate law is made in a modern form, using PowerPoint slides which will certainly help the students deepen their knowledge about institutions and the teachers by facilitating the presentation of the institutions.


The course is intended as an important tool in deepening the knowledge about the organization of companies, goodwill and other participants in the corporate law.

For corporate law can not be considered a parallel reglementation to the EU law, I considered it necessary to introduce a section covering Community directives in the trading companies field.

The study is also a challenge to new reflections in corporate law. 

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