Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies

Autors: Roxana-Elisabeta Marinescu (coord.), Irina David, Lucia-Mihaela Grosu

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-725-8

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The textbook Cultural Studies is an ideal working instrument for all those interested in contemporary subjects, such as discrimination (social, racial or gender related), globalization, life in the diaspora, postmodernism, cultural imperialism and many others. This textbook is a scientific product addressed equally to the students of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and to those of other universities in Romania, as well as to the larger public interested in this field.
Cultural Studies consists of two main parts: an introductory one, detailing a series of fundamental concepts of cultural studies, and a part including applications and activities, dealing with cultural studies in the UK, the US and Canada. The definitions and conceptual explanations are accompanied by activities that encourage critical thinking and intercultural communication abilities.
Another essential aspect of the textbook is its rigurous scientific research, which constitutes the basis of its development. The complex bibliography that the three authors consulted offers the opportunity of accessing the most significant and recent voices in the field of cultural studies worldwide.
Cultural Studies is a topical, interactive and attractive textbook, with many applications and essays helping develop students’ knowledge in the area, as well as their authonomous learning and self-assessment skills.

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