Autors: Nicolae Dardac, Teodora Barbu

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-252-9

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Currency scored the most spectacular leap of mankind, since the transition from non-monetary economy to the monetary economy. A leap not yet complete, because we assist today to other aspects of currency and monetary institutions: private currency, single currency, electronic currency.
This book addresses issues about money from several angles, each represented by important moments and experiences in the evolution of monetary systems, offering, thereby, a general assessment of what is and what role it performs in the economy.
As parts of this work we mention: multidimensional approach to currency and money supply, demand and supply of currency, and inflation, as a form of imbalances in the economy. Also, in the paper a special place occupies the evolution of phenomena and monetary and credit processes, and innovations that have reshaped monetary system architecture, at national, regional and international level.
These are the main coordinates that guided our approach in addressing theoretical issues which were filled with applications and specific statistical information mainly from Romania and EU monetary phenomena.
Without considered to exhaustively surprising complexity and dynamics of monetary processes, work joins other reference books published by prestigious academic authors who were, for us, beneficial source of information and documentation.

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