Data structures. Types of data structures /vol II

Data structures. Types of data structures /vol II

Autors: Ion Ivan, Marius Popa, Paul Pocatilu (coordonatori)

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-031-0, 978-606-505-033-4

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Volume II includes other 17 chapters, continuing the Data Structure issues. Indicators associated of data structures  models are described and data structures are analyzed in two ways, namely: the memory occupation and duration of access to necessary information processing. Construction aggregate performance criteria that take both directions in the analysis is based on significant coefficients associated with the utilization of memory, that the duration of crossing in data structures. Flexible approach of defining issues, building, handling and disposal, destruction of data structures, creates the premise of employment programming efficiency, necessary in the context of exponential growth in costs of products program.
The paper is made of a complex and efficient team which includes specialists in a large area of coverage of the types of applications, which gives it a very high level of theoretically and practically completeness. That is why this book bears the subtitle "Theory and Practice", as the authors coming from academia and industry have managed to combine the theoretical with the practical side, getting in this way an approach that turn into an effective working tool for all who develop the performance-oriented computing applications.

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