Databases management systems by examples

Databases management systems by examples

Autors: Manole Velicanu

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-674-9

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The book contains four chapters, the first of which is for an overview on the concept of database system and the other is for the concept of DBMS.
Each chapter ends with a set of summary information related to that chapter: abstract, bibliographic notes, keywords, tests. In this way, we can learn aspects of both fundamental and practical, immediately checking the ones with the others. To verify the knowledge acquired can solve multiple-choice tests with multiple choice answers.
At the end of the book are several appendices that help IT specialists, after studying the book, to develop their own applications with databases using Oracle system or by similarity, a relational DBMS desirable.

This paper is addressed to both computer specialists and college students studying in the field, or those who need to develop database applications. All they need to know in advance about the fundamental aspects: external memory data organization, data models for databases, database design techniques, methodologies for achieving BD. Should focus on relational systems.

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