Decision Theory

Decision Theory

Autors: Ion Dobre, Adrian Victor Badescu, Lucian Pauna

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-976-1

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The book is a synthesis of the main directions of research in decision theory in the world, but representing, equally, an original contribution. The authors illustrate, in a creative manner, probabilistic models, criteria, axioms, formulas etc. necessary to substantiate decisions based on analysis, examples and contraexemples, geometric and graphic interpretations very well designed.
The book begins with the presentation of different types of decision problems, then refer to the style of decisions treatment in conditions of uncertainty, the theoretical arguments; in the following chapters, it explores the decisions in conditions of certainty (in particular, modeling preferences), still being studied decisions in conditions of risk (Bayesian analysis), in the next chapter is passed from decision problems at the individual, at the level of a group of decision makers, and chapter eight shows the advantages and disadvantages offered by other approaches. The last chapter includes indications of problems and solutions proposed.
The manual is recommended students, masters and PhD students with interests in the areas of scientific decision-making problems in quantitative methods and techniques, as well as practitioners faced with managerial-decision process complex.

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