Development of management information systems

Development of management information systems

Autors: Dorin Zaharie, Victoria Stanciu, Niculae Davidescu, Liana Elena Anica-Popa

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-850-7

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Management information systems are present in the vast majority of socio-economic organizations, regardless of their field of activity, organization or size. As an infrastructure of the information system, they are continuously evolving through interventions on the applications in operation, replacing existing ones or adding new ones, which constantly maintains their development effort. The way they are conceived and realized is the theme of this paper.

Along with numerous punctual examples, the paper also includes a case study in which some of the significant elements of analysis, design and construction are illustrated in their continuity and interdependence.

The book is structured in ten chapters, which can be grouped into four parts: the first is devoted to the fundamentals of the development of management information systems, the second part addresses the process of defining the requirements to which the development of the system relates and the last parts are dedicated to the design.

While pursuing a clear and accessible presentation, the scrutiny of some chapters requires prior knowledge of how to build relational databases using the SGBD and the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language.


The book is primarily aimed at students in the undergraduate cycle who are studying disciplines related to management information systems. It may also be useful for students in the next cycles, specialists or decision-makers in organizations, in particular for the detailed treatment of issues related to conceptual modeling of requirements.


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