Development of software systems for business management

Development of software systems for business management

Autors: Anca Andreescu

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-276-5

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Structured in a gradual manner and with a uniform approach, the paper highlights the important role that business rules occupy in the business management software systems development, in the context of the digital economy, namely the external rules arising from legal regulations, as and internal rules that define the business policy of an organization.

Under the methodological issues, the book proposes a general model of software development process, adapted for handling explicit business rules, that integrates general theoretical concepts with emerging trends and identifies a set of evaluation criteria of approaches based to business rules. It is also made a prototype software for management of warehouses of rules, as support for the development previously proposed.

The paper "Development of software for business management systems" is practical and is addressed to both informatic systems developers and managers of organizations who likes the connection between business management system specific to their own field of activity and software that assist them in their work, but also as part of the decision.
By its clarity of exposure and accessible style, the book can also be useful to the students in the undergraduate, Masters and PhD students, and to economic professionals, concerned with improving activity by the use of the latest trends in IT & C.

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