Dictionary trilingual intercultural business communication: Romanian-English-French

Dictionary trilingual intercultural business communication: Romanian-English-French

Autors: Nina Ivanciu (coord.), Mihai Korka, Maria-Antoaneta Lorentz, Cécile Tourbatez

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-253-6

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Dictionary, trilingual (ROMANIAN / ENGLISH / franceza), by the terms selected and presented, respectively, by the definitions retained, hopes to draw a "picture" of network indication notions and concepts commonly circulated in the economic literature dedicated to interdependence of organizational culture and communication or intercultural communication in business.

Macroconcept or an integrated concept, intercultural communication in business requires cultural diversity of enterprise actors and involve its management strategies so that it can be achieved targeted economic objectives: increased productivity, efficient management, successful teamwork, profitable investments, acquisitions-mergers, penetration of foreign markets etc.
Obviously, the very description of this macroconcept require an interdisciplinary approach, a "dialogue" between several disciplines (anthropology, psychology, sociology, economics, humanities etc.), making it possible, even necessary, the connection between generally valid concepts and specific concepts of the economy.

The book addresses to different types of users: teachers, researchers, students, interested in the terminology defined in Romanian, with correspondence in English and French of intercultural communication in business and notional networks that it involves in the interaction of three disciplinary fields already mentioned, management, marketing, international negotiations. The dictionary is addressed, also, to the decision makers from enterprise, concerned with acquiring / refining their professional communication skills in intercultural situations, whose importance in relation to enterprise objectives cannot be questioned anymore.

Based on these types of users, the dictionary may prove useful in a number of theoretical and practical activities, as developing educational materials on specific objectives, masters courses, teaching / learning foreign languages for economics students, understanding the economic literature, deepening oral / written communication in specific enterprises situations.

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