Diplomacy in contemporary international relations

Diplomacy in contemporary international relations

Autors: Anca Gabriela Ilie

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-841-5

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The book titled „Diplomacy in contemporary international relations” written by Conf. Univ. Dr. Anca Gabriela Ilie is founded on research on the current estate of international diplomacy as it is defined by the processes of globalization, internationalization and growing interdependence in international relations, also considering the impact of technological progress of information technology and communications.

 In the XXIst century, diplomacy is shaping itself up adequately to the emergence of knowledge society that has been developing both through its technological and its relational dimensions. The national states adapt their strategic objectives to the new political-economic reality, shaped by the new factors appearing both in the business world and civil society. The information flow becomes even more important for elaborating the states’ foreign policies and the international organizations that have been born in the XXth century have become global actors, developing a new type of diplomacy: integrative diplomacy.

 The study has been conceived as a university manual for the students enrolled in the master programs in the field of international business and economy, but it is also useful for the other scientific fields, like international communication or law. We also consider that the current study is useful for the doctoral students and professionals in international business and diplomacy, helping them update and enhance their knowledge on the role of diplomacy in the contemporary international environment.


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