Our books can be ordered online, on this web site, by Romanian and foreign readers. Foreign readers will place an online order and then they will be informed via e-mail about the transport cost. Upon their agreement to the total amount, an invoice will be sent.

The invoice can be issued either in lei (Romanian national currency) or in other foreign currencies, at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Romania on the date of issuing the invoice. Customers abroad must take into account the fact that certain interbank fees may be added to the order price at the time of payment.

Deliveries are made both in the EU countries and outside EU, anywhere in the world, in both priority and non-priority regime. The transport cost depends on the weight of the parcel. If the weight of the parcel is less than 2kg, the shipment is made as International printed papers with acknowledgement of receipt, and if the weight is more than 2kg, the shipment is made as International postal parcel with acknowledgement of receipt.

Books can be ordered by email, too. Please send us a message at our contact address (editura@ase.ro) and specify the titles of the books that you would like to buy and the shipping address. Then we will follow the steps as described above.