Econometric Methods for Business

Econometric Methods for Business

Autors: Ileana Gabriela Niculescu-Aron, Miruna Mazurencu-Marinescu

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-996-9

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Application of the methods of statistical analysis and econometric modeling diminish uncertainties, by increasing the knowledge of the decision makers in terms of that phenomenon. We emphasize, "in a balanced way, both the theoretical presentation methods, and their application and interpretation of results obtained, using a specialized software to analyze statistically, econometrically SPSS under Windows and Excel."
Structured in eight chapters, the book begins with historical definitions, restricted and extended of the econometrics, presenting its objectives, the types of data and a model for predictions, pointing specifically its role.
The second chapter defines the types of observation, statistical survey, estimates, types of scales used to differentiate qualitative and quantitative variables, types of errors encountered in testing hypotheses.
In the third chapter are shown in detail the statistical tests used for comparison with the average selection of the population. The fourth chapter offers decisional scheme used to test qualitative variables, and analysis, test applications; the fifth chapter treats the dispersion analysis, models, tests, techniques, definitions, examples, assumptions and applications, while Chapter sixth compares dispersion analysis with regression, again very well explained and illustrated with graphics, examples, etc., the next chapter presenting multiple regression. 
The last chapter analyzes the time series, in order to establish future values, including models, adjusting techniques, trend analysis, etc.
Paper is drafted in a clear accessible style, waiting only for a minimum of effort and concern to forward all students of the Management and Finance, and practitioners in the economic field, this volume of knowledge, very necessary and useful.

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