Econometric Models and Methods

Econometric Models and Methods

Autors: Silvia Spataru

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-971-6

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The book  "Econometric Models and Methods", by  assistant professor Silvia Spataru, aims to familiarize readers with the essential concepts of econometrics, making an introduction to models and econometric methods and theoretically substantiate the econometric analysis of economic variables.
Structured in ten chapters, the book presents models in a simple accessible manner.
The first chapter sets the basic notions and concepts about econometrics, and the second introduces linear regression model with two variables. Linear regression models with more than one explanatory variables are presented in the third chapter. The next chapter presents the instrument with the widest use in econometric analysis - Multiple linear regression model.
 Methods that can be used to obtain consistent estimators are presented in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 deals with issues such as specification errors of the regression equation, variable quality, stohastistic explanatory variables, dynamic models are the subject of Chapter 7. Chapters 8 and 9 deal with models where the dependent variable is qualitative, simultaneous equations models and their estimation models. The last chapter presents models with univariate time series.
Paper is  addressed to students economists, but also those interested in Econometrics.

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