Economics. Volume 1 Microeconomics

Economics. Volume 1 Microeconomics

Autors: Anca Dachin

Year of appearance: 2005

ISBN: 973-594-672-6

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This textbook is aimed primarily at students of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Business Administration (in Foreign Languages), in German. It can also be useful to students from other faculties of the Academy, as well as other universities, if they have good German language skills and want to learn concepts in the field of economics in the German language.

The main objective of microeconomics, as a component of political economy and as a university discipline is to offer a coherent idea of the fundamentals of economics and contribute to a high economic thinking. The formation of economic thought is to estimate the benefits and price offerings used in business and allow further study.
The curriculum also takes into account recent theoretical developments and is taught at an intermediate level of abstraction. This formal presentations, but also graphics and examples are given to facilitate understanding of the substance.

The textbook corresponds to the level of undergraduate research and provides an overview of economic basic questions and primary knowledge in terms of concepts, regularities and constraints using the economic activity of individual economic agents and the specific markets in the context of microeconomics were can be studied.

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