Ecotourism: Guidance Priority in sustainable development of local community

Ecotourism: Guidance Priority in sustainable development of local community

Autors: Remus Ion Hornoiu

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-250-5

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Promoting ecotourism as a form of sustainable tourism is necessary as a means of growth and improvement of living conditions of residents in areas of destination, of exploitation of natural and socio-cultural heritage of local communities, but awareness of visitors and residents on protecting it.
In this context, this work aims to analyze problems of eco-tourism, focusing on clarifying the concepts of sustainable tourism and ecotourism, the classification of objectives and their forms, highlighting the interconnections with other forms of tourism. It is also rated the impact of tourism both in economic, socio-cultural, and concerning the environment and the local communities. The paper also highlights the moves to boost its development locally, nationally and internationally.
Interconnection between internally and international ecotourism, and the trend of globalization and integrating it favored the creation of similar organizational structures, to coordinate this activity and encourage its development. The organization is one of the prerequisites to develop and promote ecotourism, as also of any activity. It must be matched by appropriate policies, measures and plans of action and programs to stimulate this kind of holiday.
In this respect, we aim to identify aspects of ecotourism management in different countries or regional and comparative analysis of the situation in our country, the analysis that allows the formulation of an evaluation of the current state of development and what to do to align with international requirements for increasing competitiveness in the field.

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