The rectors of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

The rectors of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

Autors: Ion Gh. Rosca, Liviu Bogdan Vlad

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-672-5

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The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies was managed by 25 Rectors throughout its 100 years of existence. Each of them had his own contribution to strengthening its position in the national and international area.Rector’s mission has always been to ensure the conditions for a high level training of students, focusing the professional and scientific qualities of professors to achieve this objective. Appointed or elected, the Rectors had the honor to mark a certain period in the life of the institution, ensuring its progress.
            This volume refers to the life and work of Rectors who have completed their mandates until 2013: Anton Davidoglu, Eugen Ludwig, Stanislas Cihoski, Ion N. Angelescu, Gheorghe Tasca, Ion Raducanu, Marin I. Mazilescu, Eftimie Antonescu, Victor Slavescu, Stefan Stanescu, Nicolae Maxim, Gromoslav Mladenatz, Anton Alexandrescu, Vasile Malinschi, Stefan Arsene, Mihail Hateganu, Mircea Nicolaescu, Marin A. Lupu, Gheorghe Dolgu, Ilie Vaduva, Alexandru Puiu, Constantin Barbulescu, Paul Bran, Ion Gh. Rosca
            It can be seen that this institution of higher education, in the core moments of its existence, has benefited from the contribution of personalities with the vocation of management. So it explains the upward, quasi-permanent trajectory of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, even though it had several moments of start or restart, 1913, 1948, 1989, and many of reorganization.
            The Rector had always the responsibility, imposed by the great past of the Academy, to honor the history and its builders. The Rector was the exponent of the present, which has had the difficult task to ensure the transition between the past and the future.

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