Eminescu. His last day at Timpul (File Press). The book of arguments

Eminescu. His last day at Timpul (File Press). The book of arguments

Autors: Nicolae Georgescu

Year of appearance: 2011

ISBN: 978-606-505-495-0

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This book is a meticulous reconstruction of the day June 28, 1883 in political biography of the poet. Testimonies are made and commented in the press, the archive, letters, memories and comments about the poet, everything in order to find out how much was the disease and much brutal intervention that led to the removal of Mihai Eminescu from the press and public lives.
Eminescu was not just a simple publisher/author of articles at the TIMPUL journal, he developed genuine social, economic and political theories, inadequate and inappropriate especially given that, by the alliance which will be decided at the highest European country had to give up the defense of Romanians in Transylvania, finally leaving their fate in the hands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. On the other hand, Eminescu was a powerful agent of influence of public opinion; his writing was always feared and respected.

The author shows how all his friends, starting with the leading of JUNIMEA, Maiorescu, Theodor Rosetti, Iacob Negruzzi, and ending with journalists very close, as Ioan Slavici or I.L. Caragiale left, in fact, this boat in order to embark on the power teams, leaving the poet the only journalist on the opposition barricades, along with some of its prominent members, like Al. Lahovari or Mihail Kogãlniceanu – which, however, were politicians, not properly journalists.  Moreover, his own newspaper, TIMPUL, which he built himself in the past and gained together vibrant press victories, well, as soon as it changed direction and orientation, has confirmed poets insanity.
The book carried out feverishly such documents, resulting a tragic Eminescu, caught in a trap with no exit possible, yet a strong fighter: he fell fighting.

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