Engineering programming and assembling languages

Engineering programming and assembling languages

Autors: Ioan Odagescu

Year of appearance: 2011

ISBN: 978-606-505-451-6

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This book begins with the original definition of INFORMATICS and the presentation of its nine subdivisions, between the Engineering Programming ranks fifth.

The first part of this work is that one that follow, step by step, all the problems that arise during the whole life cycle of a program product: from the intention phase of the product towards the quality characteristics measuring. There are counted five models of this life cycle and there are exposed three methodologies for analysis and designing of the software products. Also, the codification, integration and programs testing come to integrate this first aspect of the programming engineering.

The second part refers to the basics of the algoritms and programs elaboration, including notions regarding: complexity, direct and indirect recursivity, direct and reverse lexicography order, methods of elaboration and a special chapter regarding graphs. Basic examples and programs give a easier way in understanding of the programs ellaboration mode. Each chapter contains data and problems for the laboratory courses.

The paper ends withe the section of assembling languages, in which the learning of language is made through solving adapted problems for large groups of instructions.

The annexed bibliography contains titles of reference in the fiels and the majority of them are very recent.

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