Enterprise performance analysis

Enterprise performance analysis

Autors: Anamaria Ciobanu

Year of appearance: 2006

ISBN: 973-594-858-3 /978-973-594-858-0

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The paper deals with a topic very interesting and modern on performance measurement and management of value and also emphasizes that sustainable growth must preserve the ecological system.

Performance and value management in the enterprise reflect the return on capital invested in fixed assets and circulating, as well as business risk, the debt and ecological imbalance that enterprise managers assume, and also reflect the business value of enterprise in the context of market opportunities. Indicators of performance are studied in correlation with the value of the enterprise. It is an investigation into financial balance indicators, and qualitative non-financial indicators; the analysis is realized by using statistical regression models.

The author makes a regression analysis of the influence of intellectual capital on performance and market value of the company. In the analysis of indicators of ecological environment, the author identifies five categories of enterprise, the models being tested on a sample of enterprises in Romania. Statistical models for regression and factorial analysis constructed highlight the fact that the author mastery highly statistically device.

This book is a well structured and documented work. Documentation is based on: empirical data related to the enterprises listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, the answers to environmental questionnaire, and the information, well summarized by the author, taken from many international models and empirical studies.

Anamaria Ciobanu made a valuable book, which is targeted to managers, financial analysts, management advisors, teachers, students and all those interested in performance and enterprise value.

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