European businesss environment

European businesss environment

Autors: Violeta Mihaela Dinca

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-802-6

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The book is destined for students in the third year of their Bachelor Studies within at the Faculty of Business Administration, in foreign languages (the French section) in order to understand the process of European integration and harmonization and to assess the influence of the European society’s evolution on the business environment.

In the first three chapters of the volume there are addressed topics related to the history and status of the European institutions and the Member States. It insists on new terms specific to the discipline that because exemplification can be easily understood by its readers.

Chapters four and five present knowledge of policies in various areas of the European Union and elements of human geography, administrative and economic. Thanks to the wealth of information, but also due to the inclusion of statistics, maps, the manual’s content presents and appropriate level for the final year of undergraduate studies.

The last two chapters present key aspects of the economy, population and society of the European Union, covering the curriculum but also adding information to stimulate the interest for reading other bibliographical resources as well.

At the end of each chapter it is included a set of multiple choice questions designed to test the concepts covered and therefore facilitate the learning process. 

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