Executive Informatic Systems

Executive Informatic Systems

Autors: Ion Lungu, Adela Bara

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 973-594-690-4

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In the current evolution of the economy and society is obvious the need for a computer system for organizing data, extracting useful information in making decisions. It must be a competitive computer system, the data to be presented directly, quickly, syntheticly, a system that is able to allow the executive manager to see and analyze the situation of the organization anytime. The book adresses the issue of executive information systems as the main solutions for decision support systems for strategic level. The paper is structured in four parts. In Part I are discussed concepts related to management of the organization, types of decision support systems for various management levels and identify key strategic decision support solutions. Part II presents the main technological solutions to achieve wide information systems executive. Part III focuses on the analysis, identification and proposal of solutions design and development of executive information systems, and Part IV attempts to provide practical solutions to apply for executive information systems by existing technologies and proposal of a computer system running in a national company. The book ends with conclusions, important in terms of observations and recommendations on analysis and research conducted with a large bibliography.
Executive Information Systems book is a valuable tool for executive managers, faced with the problem of taking decisions in a competitive environment.

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