Exercises on computational techniques: an introduction

Exercises on computational techniques: an introduction

Autors: Radu Serban (coord.), Ovidiu Veghes, Silvia Spataru

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-208-6

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Computational techniques are used in computer science, in economics and mathematics; regardless of the applications, computational techniques assume that we are able to control the efficiency and usefulness of the information processing.
Computational techniques can be classified as: digital or analog, sequential, parallel or competing, batch or interactive, numeric or symbolic, calculation reasoning or recognition, evaluation of a reality in certain conditions, of risk or uncertainty.
This paper was prepared in close accordance with the syllabi of disciplines - the year I and II - of mathematics with applications in economics at the faculty of The Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest.
The book contains both exercises solved, and a list of proposed exercises. Reports of problems of mathematics is addressed to all students in the faculties of the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest, economists and students in general, and is useful to all who are interested in mathematical modeling of economic phenomena.

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