Finance / 2nd edition, revised and added

Finance / 2nd edition, revised and added

Autors: Radu Stroe, Dan Armean

Year of appearance: 2004

ISBN: 973-594-372-7

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Formation of a market economy in  90, has relaunched the interests and concerns toRomania, during the years  financial problems, not only between specialists and institutions in the field (some of them set up for the first time - such as the Companies Securities - or re-established - such as the Stock Exchange), but also to the government, local government bodies, commercial companies, largely in the population. This interest is both short term and strategic background and as intended, at any level and any economic, financial resources to support the issue of training activity (including current living), the issue of conservation and leverage the purchasing power of these resources, question their use with the greatest effect possible.

The paper found some basic problems of financial decisions at the microeconomic level, in case financing assets and investment firms and credit aspects of the functioning of banks as major lending institutions and the functioning of the stock market as a leading institution capital market. Moreover, the work includes issues covering the creation and use of state budget resources, as essential elements of public finance and monetary issues of balance and monetary policy. Preparation and development work has been facilitated by studies and documentation carried out by the authors at the Universities of Toulouse, Orleans and Geneva in the framework of research contracts funded by the World Bank and the Romanian Government.

This paper addresses the predilection of those who wish to acquire basic knowledge of finance concepts and key financial concepts, in order to discern the complexity of the financial world and to select the types of financial problems that concerns them or facing in the work their life. Recovery of theoretical knowledge will be achieved in a first form, by solving problems and specific applications, macro, micro, proposed in separate papers (Finance, applied, Modeling financial decision, applied) published in 1998 and 2001, also with the support of The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.

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