Financial Markets. Structure, institutions, instruments, regulations

Financial Markets. Structure, institutions, instruments, regulations

Autors: Mihaela Dragota (coord.), Victor Dragota, Catalina Handoreanu, Andreea Stoian, Cosmin Iuliu Serbanescu, Laura Obreja Brasoveanu

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-170-6

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The book shows its originality by making an analytical presentation of all components of the financial market. So, are considered capital markets, control, money, government securities, insurance and private pension funds, foreign exchange and alternative assets (real estate, precious metals and gems, oil).
In this original approach, it is notable inclusion in the "Financial Markets" of components less studyed in earlier works in the field, respectively the market control and market alternative assets. They are presented in terms of practical behavioral finance accounts.  
Volume may be an useful tool in the teaching of various disciplines included in curricula at the license and master's level, at the various economic departments. Also, this book may be useful to investors, financial analysts, portfolio managers or investment consultants, who will have acces to all features including a job market that can make financial investments increased opportunities for diversification of portfolios, especially in difficult times of economic and financial crisis.
The first volume has made the presentation of financial systems. Following this, the second volume presents a comprehensive manner of the components of financial markets. The third volume will deepen capital markets field.

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