Fitness and bodybuilding supplementation

Fitness and bodybuilding supplementation

Autors: Dan Cristian Manescu

Year of appearance: 2011

ISBN: 978-606-505-420-2

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The content of this book is bringing out on market a mix of informations about supplementation – a not so full detailed branch of muscular growing physical activities like fitness and bodybuilding. Revealing unpublished elements yet, the book is intended to be a very clear source of informations about what is means supplements, how they work related to body chemistry and physiology of effort, in order to make the reader understand the differences between miths and reality, between the right way to use them and abuses either, as well as the differences between natural effects and the artificial ones.

The book is divided in three parts, first one containing a general overlooking of the nutritional transformation levels, either physical chemical and hormonal self-regulation, supplementation division into periods, as well as operating mode of the main active nutritional principles.
The second part focuses on specific supllementation to each item, presenting the supplementation for energy, for increasing the weight, for fat burning, for strength and cardio, as well as two special types of supplementations – to recovery joints and liverprotection. Also included here is a presentation of commonly products used by athletes in the fitness area , known as complementary supplementation.
The third part presents general interest elements about wellness and imunitary supplementation, a reserved area to those ones who attend to improve the quality of theyr life through physical fitness facilities, not focus to performance. Are presented and thoroughly explained the role and characteristics of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, products and substances with burning fat potential, and features of oxitadive stress and cellular hydration. Also included are classification of imunitary herbal compounds, and the full range of methods for regulation of immune mechanisms.

The  book come to meet the information needs of those attending fitness and bodybuilding gym, filling a lack of existing information regarding editorial on nutritional supplements. As an author I’ve tried to look at things from the perspective of the athlete who seek to reveal the complex details of how the products work, related with both – the personal characteristics of each constitutional type needs as well as main goals and requiements of training routine.

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