Food products. Operational Implications in Business

Food products. Operational Implications in Business

Autors: Dorin Vicentiu Popescu, Magdalena Bobe

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-505-884-2

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The business with food products assumes the existence of an adequate range of authentic, normal and safe products, on the one hand, and ensuring a quality level accepted by consumers, on the other hand. The imperative of finding that balance is the essence of the proposed theme.

The topics and issues covered by the book were rigorously selected to reflect the current state of knowledge in the field of food products business and a better understanding of the activities along the food chain and of the use of concepts specific to trade flows, which should be carefully monitored on the market. All these aspects have a decisive influence in ensuring fair trade practices and the protection of the rights and interests of consumers.

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